Initiative 1: The Pros and Cons of Repealing Ordinance 651

Come November, Burien residents will be expected to vote on Initiative 1, which entails a repeal of ordinance 651 (sanctuary city). Official Pro and Con statements are being drawn up for the King County Voter’s Guide; be aware that these statements are published without being vetted for honesty or accuracy. In this article we have summed up each side’s argument using points from discussions on community groups and city council meetings, and with this information we created potential pro and con statements. Understanding opposing view-points and having a free flow of ideas helps the conversation move forward.

Pro Statement:

A YES vote on Initiative 1 is a vote for safety and an end to virtue signaling and political theater. Ordinance 651 has no effect on policing practices, provides a false sense of security to illegal immigrants, and divides our community; all so a few politicians can feel morally righteous.

By declaring Burien a “Sanctuary City” we not only put possible federal funding at risk, but signal to other illegal immigrants to come to Burien, increasing lawlessness. Nothing in 651 protects the illegal immigrant community from ICE (Immigration Crime Engagement) and only puts Burien citizens and funding at risk. We shouldn’t be creating ordinances that facilitate criminals to continue breaking the law. 651 is a ‘feel good’ policy that has the potential to ruin lives and hurt our community. Vote yes on Prop 1.

Con Statement:

Initiative 1 is a hate filled proposition brought in by outside influences, big money, and bigotry. 651 was never meant to protect anyone from ICE (Immigration Crime Engagement), but gives peace of mind to our undocumented immigrant population when interacting with local government employees.

Without Ordinance 651 in place, many immigrants would refuse to interact with local government employees for fear of friends, family, or even themselves being deported. As a result, large sections of Burien communities would have no personal stake in the City of Burien’s future, or have any ability to improve their community.

651 is all about increasing dialog between the most vulnerable members of our community and our city government. 651 costs the City of Burien nothing, and can drastically increase the quality of life for all residents.  The more people in Burien who are invested our city’s success, the less crime, and negative elements there will be. 651 does not violate any federal laws or statutes that would hinder federal funding, and suggesting it would is a political scare tactic. Vote no on Initiative 1.

Addressing the Main Points:

  • Pro: Ordinance 651 changes nothing and is just local politicians virtue signaling.

Ordinance 651 extends the way King County police interact with illegal immigrants to all local government workers, and applies the same practice to religious affiliations. It is not a ‘feel good’ policy that does nothing.

  • Con: Initiative 1 is filled with hate and is being pushed by bigots and racists.

Opposition to illegal immigration does not signify racism.

  • Pro: Illegal immigrants are criminals and we shouldn’t help them in continuing to break the law.

Ordinance 651 was designed to help undocumented families interact with local government for the betterment of the community, not to solve illegal immigration.  

  • Pro: Sanctuary cities provide a false sense of security for illegal immigrants.

This statement hinges on the assumption that people will believe ordinance 651 protects undocumented immigrants from ICE.

  • Pro: Ordinance 651 puts federal funding at risk.

Ordinance 651 does not violate any federal laws or statutes and does not put any funding at risk.

  • Pro: Ordinance 651 could attract more illegal immigration to Burien.

Possibly true.



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4 thoughts on “Initiative 1: The Pros and Cons of Repealing Ordinance 651

  1. Uh, was that it? There was only one “address” to the Con statement, a bland insistence that opposition to illegal immigration isn’t racist. That may be true. However, going to the trouble of collecting signatures to force a vote or repeal on a (free) policy of non-inquiry THAT WAS JUST ENACTED IN JANUARY does seem to be racially motivated.

  2. ICE = Immigration & Customs Enforcement.
    This anti-immigration attitude is CONTRARY to the AMERICAN WAY!

    well trump’s the president . . .

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