Be Part of the Parks Conversation

Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

Be part of the conversation about future park improvements and development.
Tonight from 6:30-8:00pm, the Parks Department will be working with community members on park ideas and plans.

This is your chance to review and critique the proposed PROS Plan. This is a drop-in event. There will be a survey and a way to comment on each element of the Plan.

The event takes place at the Burien Community Center, 14700 6th Ave SW.

Here is the link to the Facebook event page.

City Council Meeting Tonight

The City Council meets tonight at 7pm. The meetings are generally the first & third Mondays of each month, and always take place at the Town Hall meeting room, adjacent to the Burien Library. The address is 400 SW 152nd St.

If you can make it, we’ll see you there. If not, BurienCity will keep you updated on what is covered.

For more information, here is the direct link to Burien’s Council Meeting webpage:

There Is A Lack Of Credible Information On The People We Elect

by Mellow Detray          July 16, 2017

As we were filling out our ballots for the primary election, we found it nearly impossible to locate unbiased, current information about our candidates for City Council. Just a few of the candidates have websites. Many have facebook pages, but the information on those pages in unclear or hard to find. This lack of credible, solid data about the people we elect to make important decisions that shape Burien led us to create BurienCity, a non-partisan resource for a more informed electorate.

We will interview candidates to find out the facts about their accomplishments, their intentions, and the steps they will take to improve our city. In addition, we will cover City Council meetings, and let you know what current Council members are working on. We will work to support locally owned businesses and organizations. Regardless of party politics, we all want to see Burien thrive as a safe, healthy, and enjoyable place to live and work.