Burien Voter’s Guide: City Council Position 7

Burien’s primary election deadline is August 1st. Four City Council seats are up for a vote. These are the people who will determine the direction we take as a city for the next four years. We will cover each Council position in this series.

(Read about Position 1 candidates, Position 3 candidates and Position 5 here.)

The five contenders for Burien City Council Position 7 are:

Martin Culbert
  • 27 years in Burien.
  • Would find ways to improve efficiency within the City government.
  • Wants to find effective solutions to the problems that lead to homelessness, in partnership with non-profits.
  • Says that the police are doing a great job, and has a plan to address the causes of crime, which you can read about in our Q&A, linked below.
  • Supports Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ status, but says it’s redundant, since all of King County already had a ‘Sanctuary’ status.
  • Supports the Quiet Skies Coalition, but does not think the City should spend money on another lawsuit against the FAA.

We have spoken with Culbert at a community event, and you can read his answers to our questions here. culbert4citycouncil@gmail.com

Patty Janssen
  • 26 years in Burien, founding member of Burien Citizen’s Patrol, 2008 Volunteer of the Year.
  • Says at any time there are only 3-4 police on the streets, and feels that there is more need for police in Burien than in neighboring communities.
  • Is an active Block Watch leader
  • Would like Burien to have a Drug Court for addicts who commit crimes, which she says is highly effective, with an 80% recovery rate.

We have spoken with Janssen at a community event, and we will be posting her answers to our email questions later today. citizensforpattyjanssen@gmail.com

Trevor Gage
  • 7 years in Burien.
  • Interested in finding “compassionate, sustainable, and economically responsible solutions to homelessness”, with a focus on rehabilitation of the homeless population.
  • Wary of Union interests.
  • Supports a tax increase, if needed, to hire more police.
  • Supports an FAA lawsuit, since they have not followed the laws regarding environmental studies before changing their flight paths.
  • Wants to change ordinance 652 (parking requirement/fees for businesses) in order to promote new business development.
  • Is not interested in spending Council time on Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance, since he believes it was merely political bravado. [Correction: Gage referred to ordinance 652 as standing in the way of business growth, and not ordinance 651, the ‘Sanctuary’ ordinance. In the original post, ordinances 652 & 651 were switched. We apologize for the error.]

We have spoken with Gage at a community event, but he has not yet answered our email questions. Gage’s campaign Facebook page, friendsoftrevorgage@gmail.com

Krystal Marx
  • Two years in Burien.
  • Endorsed by King County Democrats, 34th District Democrats, Sherrif John Uruqhart, and King County Labor Council.
  • Would vote against an anti-panhandling ordinance.
  • Wants to refocus growth throughout Burien.
  • Says Burien’s budget allocates 52% for police; would not support more funds for police, but advocates for increased community involvement.
  • Believes in a “housing first” solution to homelessness, which emphasizes providing permanent housing for those in need.
  • Supports the lawsuit against the FAA, and supports the Quiet Skies Coalition.
  • Supports Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance.

We have spoken with Marx at a community event, but she has not yet answered our email questions. Marx’s campaign Facebook page, krystal4burien@gmail.com krystalmarxforburien.com

Steve Armstrong
  • 50 years in Burien, with four years on the City Council.
  • Was instrumental in adding two police officers to our force, without raising taxes for this change.
  • Voted in support of past litigation against the FAA, but is unlikely to support future action as he doesn’t see it as fiscally responsible.
  • Would like to revise parking ordinances to support Downtown businesses.
  • Voted in favor of ordinance 651, but says that it is not a ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance, since local police can still work with other governmental agencies regarding people here illegally- they just won’t ask for documentation.

We have met briefly with Armstrong after a Council meeting, but he has not yet answered our email questions. voteforstevea@gmail.com

Sources: Face to face interviews, campaign websites, King County Voter’s Guide, B-Town Blog, and email.

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