Burien Voter’s Guide: City Council Position 5

Burien’s primary election deadline is August 1st. Four City Council seats are up for a vote. These are the people who will determine the direction we take as a city for the next four years. We will cover each Council position in this series.

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The four contenders for Burien City Council Position 5 are:

Nancy Tosta
  • Burien resident for over 20 years, with 4 years serving on the City Council, and is currently Deputy Mayor.
  • Endorsed by King County Democrats, 34th District Democrats, and King County Labor Council.
  • Would change our downtown parking code to be more favorable to small businesses, and wants to create a 20 year plan for Burien.
  • Says that crime has decreased in recent months; would support having a Burien police force, but would not want to raise taxes to do so.
  • Supports the Quiet Skies Coalition, and their lawsuit against the FAA.
  • Voted in favor of Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance, because she believes it fosters cooperation between the immigrant population and law enforcement, and allows police to focus on crime.

We have spoken with Tosta at multiple community events, but she has not yet answered our email questions. nancy@reelecttosta.org reelecttosta.org

Darla Green
  • Longtime Burien resident and local business owner.
  • Endorsed by the King County Police Officers’ Guild.
  • Neighborhood Block Watch captain and volunteers with several organizations.
  • Says that crime is an increasing problem in Burien.
  • Would support an anti-panhandling ordinance.
  • Is against Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance, which she says was redundant, offers protections the city cannot guarantee, and was a political maneuver by certain Council members

We have spoken with Green at a community event, but she has not yet answered our email questions. electdarlagreen@outlook.com darlagreen.com

Jill Esau

The following excerpt is from the King County Voter Guide, and is all we know about Esau, as she has not contacted local media or come to election events that we know of.

  • Esau says she would use her “comprehensive understanding of policy and [her] extensive experience as a grant writer to bring much needed financial acumen to Burien’s leadership team.”
  • Apparently stated at a GOP endorsement meeting that she is against Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ status.

We have not yet met Esau, and she hasn’t answered our email questions. esaujill@gmail.com

Mary Russell

Russell has not contacted local media or come to election events. She does not seem to be actively campaigning at this time. Her excerpt in the King County Voter Guide does not say anything that she would do were she elected, and this reporter can only conclude she does not actually want to be on City Council.

We have not yet met Russell, and she hasn’t answered our email questions. maryrussellburien@gmail.com

Sources: Face to face interviews, campaign websites, King County Voter’s Guide, B-Town Blog, and email.

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