Burien City Council Candidate: Robert Richmond Q&A

BurienCity sent these questions to each of the 17 candidates for Burien City Council. Robert Richmond III, who is also running for Position 1, was the second to get back to us. We will post answers from each candidate as they respond.

Robert Richmond Candidate Pos 1

Current occupation:
Real Estate Agent
Sr Technical Recruiter

Where are you from?
Seattle (Originally)

How long have you lived in Burien?
Since 02

In your opinion, what is the best thing about Burien?
To me it’s the old saying in real estate “Location Location Location” We are close enough to everything while keeping the small city feel!

– How will you encourage this aspect of our city?
I want to use our natural resources like our location to attract a Corp HQ to our city.

What do you think is the most important issue facing Burien today?
1. Energy independence
2. Homelessness

– How will you address this issue?
I have written about my plans in the BTown.blog where I make the case for turning Burien in a Power Utility. By gasification of our waste. And taking the model like the William Booth Center as an example of using the homeless to do these jobs (I.e. Office jobs, foreman jobs, labor jobs, customer service jobs). We can put people to work, meaning those who would like to help themselves will be helped by the city.

What else could we improve, as a community?
We will have more security with my plans because we will be able to afford it and not rely on grants like my opponents have proposed.

How will you support the growth of small businesses?
I will be proposing a $11hr min wage for Burien. With a cap on the Payroll Service Tax to start at $13hr. This will give our heavy restaurant industry fairness. And pay employees fair as well.  (Editor’s note: When we informed Richmond that the WA State minimum wage actually increased to $11/hr starting in 2017, he said he would increase Burien’s minimum wage to $12, with the Payroll Service Tax to start at $15/hr.)

What is the best way to reduce crime and improve safety?
I believe you give someone a job and a place to live, a “Hand Up” NOT a hand out and it’s on a time limit crime will go down.

How should we address the issue of homelessness?
I’ve answered this I believe it’s my whole platform! Jobs jobs jobs!!

What steps should we take to become more environmentally responsible?
I’m the only candidate with an environmental stance as my platform. We will gasify our waste and make natural gas, methane gas, jet fuel. All out of our waste! This can be done!

What other goals do you have for your 4 year term, if elected?
I would like to start plans on building a new community center by the end of my 1st term.

More information on Robert Richmond can be found at his PDC page, and via email: richmondrobert@hotmail.com

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